Ginko, Kabuki Sword Fight

Ginko Adachi (active 1874 - 1897) Kabuki Sword Fight, 1880’s. Oban triptych.

It’s fantastic this print… the great boldness, the scope, the bravura and the strength of the image. There is the fine and bold red colour, the calligraphy and the pose - all of them outstanding and brave. Ginko is sadly little appreciated these days. Not a great deal is known about his life and you will struggle to find many of his works on the internet. Nevertheless, he made some fine works and represents the last flourishing of woodblock art as a serious art form.

Ginko worked in the style of Kunichika, having studied the Utagawa School artists and is perhaps best known for spending 1890 in prison for publishing a caricature of the Meiji Emperor as a skeleton.

A good solid print, slightly trimmed, colour, impression and condition all very good indeed.