Hiroshige II, 100 Famous Views in the Various Provinces - Maiko Beach

Hiroshige II (1842-1894)  One Hundred Famous Views in the Various Provinces: Maiko Beach, Banshu (Harima) Province, 1859. Oban.

Hiroshige II was a pupil of the great Hiroshige. Originally given the name Shigenobu he was adopted by Hiroshige when his own son died in 1845. When Hiroshige died in 1858, Shigenobu took his master’s name. He married Hiroshige’s daughter but divorced in 1865 and died in poverty four years later. He continued the style of his master and his work is very highly regarded. Perhaps, Hiroshige II’s best landscape series, this fine oban set includes many great views of travel along the Tokaido. In this print, Hiroshige shows magnificent pines on the shoreline at Maiko Beach; peasants are collecting firewood at low tide.

The print is in very fine condition and colour and impression are excellent. Unusually large margins on all sides.

36cm x 25cm.