Kuniyasu, Bando Mitsugoro in Futatsu Chocho Kuruwa Nikki

Utagawa Kuniyasu (1794 - 1832) Bando Mitsugoro in Futatsu Chôchô Kuruwa Nikki, 1824. Oban triptych.

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The print shows well known actors of the day performing in the play Futatsu Chôchô Kuruwa Nikki, originally a piece produced for the puppet theatre (bunraku) but later transferred to the kabuki stage. It is a play of adolescent angst and reassuringly familiar for every generation with teenage sons. Chokichi (at left, played by Ichikawa Danjuro) is the orphaned brother of Oseki (centre, played by Iwai Hanshiro). Chokichi is wayward and fond of fighting; his dutiful sister struggles with the rice ball shop of their late parents and longs for Chokichi to settle down. He is joined on stage by Chogoro (played here by Bando Mitsugoro) for a pre-arranged fight but they are interrupted by strangers accusing Chokichi of stealing their money. Strange purses full of cash turn up all over the house and Chokichi is saved from arrest by his sister paying off the aggrieved parties. Chokichi promises to reform and is supported by his rival Chogoro. At the close of the play it is revealed that the accusers are all members of Oseki’s prayer group who have agreed to the deception in order to reform her brother.

This very good triptych is in fine condition, colours and impression are fine with only minimal wear.

72cm x 37.5cm.