Kunichika, Onoe Kikugoro plays the ghost of priest Koyo-hoshi

Toyohara Kunichika (1835-1900) Onoe Kikugoro plays the ghost of priest Koyo-hoshi,1870’s. Oban Triptych.

Seemingly a companion to the previous print, this triptych is of equal quality and similar subject. The figure at right is the ghost of the priest Koyo-hoshi, tortured by Senriki Gonzo Ujibe Dennai. We cannot identify the play from which the scene is taken on account of there being so many kabuki performances at this time and many not recorded or preserved.

The print is a fine deluxe piece, the background is scattered richly with mica, the priest’s robes are embossed and the left hand figure’s robes shimmer with a burnished shomen-zuri pattern. The print is in near mint condition, fine impression and colour and full size and unbacked.

Signed Kunichika hitsu.

37cm x 75cm.