Hirosada, Arashi Riku II as "Cast-off Oroku"

Konishi Hirosada (ca 1810 - 1864) Arashi Riku II as “Cast-off Oroku” in Osome hisamatsu ukina no yomiuri, 1849. Osaka Chuban.

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A very fine character study of exceptional stillness and composure by the master of the Osaka okubi head print, Hirosada. There is a wonderful static quality about this portrait of Oroku; Hirosada shows the character of Oroku holding to the door post of a building, awaiting the arrival of her husband, Kihei. This scene is from act two of a complex drama involving the lives of shopkeepers and thieves. In it Oroku is the long suffering wife but also something of a heroine, preventing the two leads of the show from committing joint suicide.

This is a fine print, with very fine colour and impression, condition is excellent.

Signed Hirosada with Ko seal. Published by Meikodo.

19cm x 25cm.