Yoshiiku, Beauties

Utagawa Yoshiiku (1833-1904) Beauties, 1863. Oban Triptych. 

Utagawa Yoshiiku was a pupil of the great Kuniyoshi and lifelong rival of Yoshitoshi, a fellow student. After the death of Kuniyoshi, Yoshiiku was the most eminent of his pupils for at least a decade until others, notably Yoshitoshi, went on to outshine him.

This print is a fine example of a bijin triptych of the mid nineteenth century. The print depicts a busy nighttime palace scene with dozens of figures engaged in genteel pursuits: reading, talking, petting dogs and so on. There are some lovely touches such as the night garden and the figures in silhouette in the background Very good colour, impression and condition.

75cm x 37cm.