Yoshitoshi, Beauties and the Seven Flowers - Plum

Taiso Yoshitoshi (1839 - 1892) Beauties and the Seven Flowers: Plum - Nishinotoin Shigeko with Poem Slip and Brush, 1878. Oban.

This beautiful print of a female attendant (what the west might call a Lady-in-Waiting) comes from a series by the great artist Yoshitoshi in which he compares beauties of the imperial palace to seven flowers. The title suggests the seven flowers, but the seven flowers of spring, collected since the seventh century do not include any in this series.

The print shows Nishinotoin Shigeko writing on a poem slip against a background of plum blossom. The family of Nishinotoin were well established aristocrats who belonged to the Dojo families - families who were allowed entry to the palace. This portrait would have served as a fashion plate for patriotic citizens and a Hello Magazine look into the inner circle of the Empress.

The print is a fine example of Yoshitoshi’s characterful studies of women. The colours are rich and unfaded, the print is full size and in fine condition.

Published by Inoue Mohel.

36cm x 24cm.