Kunichika, Three Onnagata

Toyohara Kunichika (1835-1900) Onoe Kikugoro II, Ichimura Kakitsu IV, Sawamura Tosho and Bando Mitsugoro as Onnagata, 1865. Oban triptych.

This is a fine example of an early triptych by Kunichika from around 1865. The print shows four kabuki actors in onnagata (female roles). It is in outstanding condition for such an early triptych and the colours are bold and unfaded. As is typical of the period, the actors each occupy their own space on individual sheets and the drawing here still owes a great deal to Kunichika’s teacher Kunisada. The banners of crests and calligraphy above the stage are a bold and uncharacteristic motif for the time and suggest something of the innovations inherent in Kunichika’s later work.

Full size, excellent condition, colour and impression. Very fine throughout.

Published by Isekane.

73cm x 37cm.