Kunisada, A Contest of Magical Scenes - Daijyamaru.

Utagawa Kunisada/Toyokuni III (1786-1865) A Contest of Magical Scenes: Daijyamaru, 1862. Oban.

An arresting scene of the magician Daijyamaru from Kunisada’s Contest of Magical Scenes, considered to be the masterpiece of his later years. Daijyamaru is a sorcerer and avatar of Daijya (a mythical giant serpent). Here he is pictured conjuring real snakes which rear up menacingly from a decorative screen in the foreground of the picture. A woman’s kimono is abandoned beside him. Signed Nanajunana-o (At the venerable age of seventy-seven) Toyokuni hitsu.

An exceptional and rare print, the print quality is very fine with additional mica powder and burnishing. A strong early impression of a hugely collectible print.

36 x 24 cm.