Kuniyoshi, Selection for the Twelve Signs - Dog

Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861) Selection for the Twelve Signs: Dog, 1845. Oban.

This series illustrates the twelve animals of the buddhist zodiac by likening historical and mythical figures to each animal (see the companion Ox print above). This is a fine early edition of this print with shaded and coloured cartouche. The subject is the sumo wrestler Inuda Kobungo refereeing a wrestling match between two crabs. He wears an exquisite kimono decorated with puppies and other motifs. A puppy peeps from lower right corner of the title cartouche.

A beautiful print with fine colour and strong impression. A small wormhole in the cartouche and a horizontal crease, otherwise a very good and inventive design.

37 x 25 cm.