Hirosada, Onoe Baiko IV as Koshiji

Konishi Hirosada (ca 1810 - 1864) Onoe Baiko IV as Koshiji from the play Shinshu Kawanakajima Kassen, 1854. Chuban.

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Another very fine Hirosada print in perfect, mint condition. These very rare items… only a few of each print appear in museum collections, and when the print has the feel and appearance of having just been printed, the sense of the art form is very powerful indeed. Such it is with this print… very fine colours and in superb condition, unbacked and full size. The print depicts Onoe Baiko IV as Koshiji from the play, Shinshu Kawanakajima Kassen.

The play is unusual, and unusually undramatic in some sense. The plot is set in the period of the warring states and involves a warlord, Nagao Terutora, attempting to attract a strategist, Yamamoto Kansuke, to defect from a rival clan. In the end he must resort to bribing Koshiji, the mother in law of an official. Koshijii though is an intransigent and comical woman who cannot be bribed and despite the ferocious samurai humiliating himself in front of her she remains obdurate. The finale sees her daughter in law interposing herself and her stringed koto between Koshijii and Terutora who is slashing with his sword.

Colour, condition and impression are all fine.

17 x 23.5 cm.