Kunichika, 18 Figures From The Kabuki Stage

Toyohara Kunichika (1835-1900) Eighteen Figures From The Kabuki Stage, (Yanagi Kaze Fukiya No Itosuji) 1864. Oban triptych.

We are very lucky to have this astonishing early triptych by Kunichika in the show. Here are eighteen well known heroes and villains of the kabuki stage gathered around a go board performing a dance; yanagi kaze fukiya no itosuji. Here is the repertory cast of the most popular plays of the time. Tragic ghosts float left and right of the triptych, lucky gods float on giant vegetables, buddhist deities and evil priests cram the stage, almost as if Kunichika were setting out the themes and subjects for his future career.

This is a really exceptional print in beautiful condition. We have not yet translated all the characters but will be focussing on this print on our blog during January and February. Colour is exceptional as is the impression. Three sheets, not attached at the seams, minimal damage.

735 x 355 cm.