Chikashige, 36 Selected Actors and Story-tellers

Morikawa Chikashige (active 1869 - 82), Thirty-six Selected Actors and Story-tellers: Actor Sukedakaya Takasuke in role, 1881. Oban.

Little is known of Chikashige.  He was a pupil of Kunichika and produced mainly theatre pieces, often in triptych form. This print is from a series of portraits of famous Meiji actors in role, with the characteristic meiji red patterned background seen in so many Kunichika prints of this period common to all the series, as is the exquisite silhouetted bokashi foliage used as a device to divide the sheet.

Sukedakaya Takasuke IV was an actor of the Meiji era who specialised in onnagata roles, as shown here, though the play depicted is unknown. 

A lovely and delicate portrait. A fine impression of the first printing.  Embossing to the collar and sleeves. Condition and colour very good.

37 x 25 cm.