Hirosada, Two Actors in Role

Konishi Hirosada (ca 1810 - 1864) Two Actors in Role, Early 1840’s. Chuban Diptych.

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This is an unusual diptych from Hirosada, I suspect it is quite early but there is no record of it anywhere and I can’t seem to place the two characters. The design steps right outside of Hirosada’s normal boldness and confidence. Both characters are beautifully realised and there is a real delicacy  to the drawing. The left hand figure is wearing a kimono decorated with carp against a background of bamboo. The decoration of carp and bamboo is traditionally associated with Children’s day in Japan and there may be an allusion to the play that this print is taken from. The cursive script in the background is now unreadable.

Potentially an important diptych, colour and impression are fine, there are some minor worm holes otherwise condition is fine.

36 x 25 cm.